Our ovens

Our ovens

Entirely constructed in whole refractory bricks

The classic oven is the consolidated standard for professional pizza baking. Suitable for any type of restaurant, from a pizzeria to a classic restaurant, this product can satisfy any type of production demands. All of our ovens are designed for wood burning, and through the insertion of a burner, they can also function with gas or in combined gas/wood mode.

The wide range of available dimensions and shapes also make our ovens extremely easy to install into any type of pre-existing environment and the perfect starting point for designing a new space.

Choose the most suitable oven for you from our proposed models, or create your own personalized solution.

Handcrafted production

Our ovens are constructed entirely by hand, thanks to the wide range of available coverings, as well as shapes and designs that offer the opportunity for high personalization, you can create an authentic décor piece. Carefully selected materials provide not only unbeatable heat retention and resistance, but also give every oven a one of a kind look. Since they are entirely handcrafted, our products are truly unique pieces that can add to the exclusive design of your space.

The main components that make up the stove:

Main advantages
Dome and surface in refractory bricks
Cupola forni Ceky Dome
The dome is entirely constructed in whole refractory bricks, furnace baked, with high alumina content and immersed in a refractory cement casting, resistant up to 1200°C. The high alumina content permits longer heat retention: when the oven is turned off in the evening, it will still be warm the following day. The bricks also have enough resistance to actually prolong the life span of the oven up to double.
Piano di cottura forno Ceky Surface
Surfaces consisting of refractory borders with 6cm depth to guarantee better heat containment and gradual heat release. The large baking surface always stays warm: the 6 cm refractory bricks absorb a sufficient amount of heat to cook pizzas continuously without the need for pauses between baking. A surface with this depth is also more resistant and prevents the borders from moving, which could create bothersome uneven levels after long term use.
Isolanti forno Ceky Insulators
Seven layers of insulation for high temperatures: ecological ceramic fiber, high density cellular concrete and expanded clay create double insulation in respect to that used in a traditional oven. Perfect insulation guarantees no waste: all of the heat produced by the oven stays in the cooking chamber. The sides of the oven will always remain cool.
Framework and stand
Telaio forni Ceky The functional framework is constructed in iron and designed by shop fitters to facilitate covering installation, and also is useful for removing and moving the oven at any time. The oven can be easily and safely put into position. If necessary, the oven can be moved at any time without intervention by specialized technicians.

To find out more about the implemented construction techniques and installation methods or delivery, please visit our installation section.

More advantages of Forni Ceky ovens:

Energy savings!

Consumption of wood or gas is always reduced to a minimum, guaranteeing maximum efficiency in all of our products.

Refractory bricks, effective insulation and sturdy structure prevent even the slightest energy loss and result in significant savings in daily operational costs.

Grafico confronto

Unbeatable duration over time!

Ceky ovens offer enduring life spans backed up by years of research, design and experimentation with the raw materials used for their construction.
Their incomparable duration over time and correct functioning without the need for any maintenance are guaranteed by thousands of satisfied clients all over the world.

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