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Easy, reliable, low-cost!

Lapillo oven is the newborn in our domestic offer. Unlike our semiprofessional line, Lapillo is completely realized in refratory concrete. The simpler structure allows Lapillo to have a lower price if compared to ovens built using full refractory bricks, but not a lower performance for a sporadic use.

Refractory mixes used to build Lapillo are perfect for a domestic use. The material can be heated very fast and grants a very short preparation time before oven’s usage.

Lapillo can be installed inside or outside without any problem. It is delivered as an easy to assemble kit, divided in an increasing number of sections, according to the internal dimension. Along with the structure kit also its respective insulation kit will be supplied, to grant a perfect thermal insulation.



Assembly Kit complete of the necessary insulants, easy to install

Low-cost and suited for domestic use
Refractory structure grants a easy and fast heating
Perfect for indoor and outdoor installation
Available in 3 sizes for any need: 80, 110 and 110x140cm internal diameter


Available sizes

Misure disponibili forno lapillo