Gioiello line


Linea Gioiello



Precious materials and design

The ideal style for an innovative, trendy space: making your pizza corner the real heart of an unforgettable experience.

Refined finishes in gold, silver or copper leaf applied by hand to give your decor an inimitable spirit and look, transforming your dinner into a 360 degree experience involving all your senses.

In an environment that continues to require more and more differentiation to gain a competitive advantage, the quality of the provided meals and services is fundamental, but is no longer enough for success.

A dinner requires a combination of elements that can interest and stimulate all the senses, beyond the simple sense of taste, also involving the senses of sight and touch in a more complete sensorial experience.

Reflections and shades that make the entire pizzeria come to life, capturing and embellishing moments that are transformed into a one of a kind experience: to be remembered and relived again.

The finishes of the Gioiello Line can be applied to each of our ovens and to all the areas of a complete pizza corner.

A one of a kind look that extends to the entire restaurant, transforming it to an exclusive, unique, refined environment.