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The Tondo oven

Our Tondo rotary oven combines artisan authenticity with the efficiency of a rotating cooking surface. The rotary action facilitates pizza loading from the front of the oven, optimising the workflow. The constant rotation improves exposure to heat, guaranteeing even cooking over the entire surface.

The professional rotary pizza oven

The Tondo rotary oven is a masterpiece made entirely by hand by skilled artisans.

The Harmony of Perfect Heat
The magic of our oven lies in its capacity to create even and constant heat. The combination of gas and electrical heating element guarantees unparalleled heat distribution. And now, with the Ceky Smart Chef system, your oven is truly intelligent. Digital management of cooking programmes brings you culinary perfection with a touch.

Intuitive and Remote Control
The Ceky Smart Chef digital control panel, with an intuitive touch screen, synchronises rotation, temperature and pre-set cooking programmes. An exclusive remote control also allows the oven to be commanded from a distance, rendering cooking operations faster and more efficient.

Always Up to date
Our software can be easily updated via USB key in just a few minutes, guaranteeing that your oven is always cutting edge.

All the advantages of the Tondo oven

The Tondo rotary oven by Ceky comes with premium accessories:

- An exclusive remote controller.
- A capacitive-sensing touch-screen control interface that is precise and durable.
- A USB key for free software updates.

With these tools, oven management is transformed from a duty to a pleasant experience. Ceky is committed to optimising working processes in pizzerias, and to always guaranteeing the utmost quality.

The choice of the Refractory Brick
Why are our ovens made entirely from refractory bricks? The answer is simple; quality and performance. Our ovens are made entirely by hand by skilled artisans who use refractory bricks of the highest quality. This expensive material has been chosen on the basis of in-depth scientific studies.

By using refractory bricks to make the cooking surface, we guarantee constant, even temperatures, eliminating unwanted pauses between one round of cooking and the next. Our tests have shown that the bricks themselves offer even and continuous cooking.

Available finishes

Bringing your professional pizza oven to life is not just about impeccable culinary preparation, but also about the art of creating a complete sensory experience. The first step to realize this experience is the choice of covering, a fundamental element that defines the aesthetics and atmosphere of your place.

Miniatura Finitura No finishes
Miniatura Finitura Various colors
Palladiana in marble
Miniatura Finitura Various colors
Glass mosaic
Miniatura Finitura 10x10 Tiles
Miniatura Finitura Various colors
Exposed brick
The fixed-surface

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Other types of oven

Ceky offers you the opportunity to choose from a range of ideal solutions or create your oven entirely made-to-measure in accordance with the type of fuel you prefer, the internal capacity, the external shape or the covering, to satisfy all furnishing requirements.

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