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The Sfera oven

Inspired by the oldest forms of oven, it has a classic external dome design. The external dome is made with refractory and insulating materials that guarantee maximum thermal retention and excellent insulation. The final external shape is created on-site by the artisan, who will shape it, creating that touch of prestige that renders it a truly precious example of architecture and function. The support frame and lower basin are made in metal.

Pure craftsmanship, inside and out

The external dome is made with refractory and insulating materials of the highest quality, guaranteeing maximum thermal retention and insulation. However, what makes the Sfera oven truly unique is its artisan manufacturing process. Each external section is modelled on-site by skilled artisans, bestowing it with a prestige that makes it a truly precious example of architecture and functionality.
The oven support frame and lower basin are made in resistant metal, guaranteeing the stability and durability of your precious cooking tool.

Fuel Versatility

One of the distinctive characteristics of the Sfera oven is its fuel versatility. You can choose whether to use it with wood, for traditional cooking, with gas for the utmost convenience, or in mixed wood-gas mode for unprecedented flexibility. The Sfera oven has been designed to adapt to your needs.
In a world in which culinary tradition combines with advanced technology, the professional Sfera pizza oven by Ceky stands out as a culinary work of art and an expression of prestige. With our Sfera oven, every item cooked becomes an extraordinary experience. Welcome to the future of pizza preparation.

Available finishes

Bringing your professional pizza oven to life is not just about impeccable culinary preparation, but also about the art of creating a complete sensory experience. The first step to realize this experience is the choice of covering, a fundamental element that defines the aesthetics and atmosphere of your place.

Miniatura Finitura No finishes
Miniatura Finitura Coloring with paint
The fixed-surface

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Other types of oven

Ceky offers you the opportunity to choose from a range of ideal solutions or create your oven entirely made-to-measure in accordance with the type of fuel you prefer, the internal capacity, the external shape or the covering, to satisfy all furnishing requirements.

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