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The Pentagonale oven

Designed to fit perfectly in a corner location, with a 45°-oriented mouth.
The three exposed walls can be personalised with a wide range of claddings, letting you apply a touch of personality and style to the setting.

A winning design for a corner setting

The pentagonal oven combines the benefits of an adaptable shape and a traditional look. The ideal solution for those looking to save space without losing out on a unique and striking effect.
As with all our ovens, it can be fuelled:
- with wood
- with gas
with a mixture of wood and gas, exclusively with the Ceky burner.
The pentagonal shape maintains all the versatility of the round model, while being suitable for a corner position, without ever missing out on the advantages of having a classic cladding on all the sides of the oven.
The oven mouth is positioned at 45°, an efficient solution for a wide range of situations, and comes with elegant 100%-Ceky finishes. The pentagonal oven combines the advantages of a flexible shape and a traditional style. It is the ideal oven for those looking to save space without losing out on a unique and striking style.

All the advantages of this oven

Explore the extraordinary characteristics of our professional Ceky Pentagonale oven, a true masterpiece of design and function.
Pentagonale’s versatility: Its pentagonal shape offers exceptional flexibility. It can be positioned in a corner without giving up on complete coverage on all the sides of the oven. This characteristic renders it perfect for making the most of available space in your kitchen or any other setting.
Strategic mouth: The oven mouth is set at 45°, an innovation designed to adapt to a range of situations. This intelligent solution allows for easy access to the oven and excellent heat distribution, for even cooking.
Elegant finishes: The Ceky Pentagonale oven comes with elegant 100%-Ceky finishes, which lend your setting a touch of class and refinement.
Multiple fuel sources: You can choose how to fuel your Ceky Pentagonale oven. Use wood for traditional cooking, choose gas with the Ceky burner for increased convenience, or get the best of both worlds with a combination of wood and gas.
Space saving: The Pentagonale oven is the ideal solution for those who want to make the most of available space without missing out on style. It is the perfect choice for people looking for a unique and unequalled visual impact in any setting.

Available finishes

Bringing your professional pizza oven to life is not just about impeccable culinary preparation, but also about the art of creating a complete sensory experience. The first step to realize this experience is the choice of covering, a fundamental element that defines the aesthetics and atmosphere of your place.

Miniatura Finitura No finishes
Miniatura Finitura 10x10 Tiles
Miniatura Finitura Various colors
Exposed brick
Miniatura Finitura Various colors
Glass mosaic
Miniatura Finitura Various colors
Palladiana in marble
fixed-surface oven

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Other types of oven

Ceky offers you the opportunity to choose from a range of ideal solutions or create your oven entirely made-to-measure in accordance with the type of fuel you prefer, the internal capacity, the external shape or the covering, to satisfy all furnishing requirements.

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