The Bellavilla oven

Bring the authentic pizza experience directly into your home with our small-sized pizza ovens. Perfect for domestic use or for small venues such as bars and bakeries, these ovens maintain the same quality as professional pizza ovens. Their small dimensions make them ideal even for small spaces, with delicate terracotta finishes for a touch of comfort and hospitality

The real pizza oven at your home

Our small ovens are the most suitable for domestic use or for small businesses, such as bars or bakeries with minimal pizza production.
Made with the same construction techniques and the same materials as professional pizza ovens, they have the same characteristics, but their small dimensions make them perfect for installation even in limited spaces.
The finishes are more delicate: the roof and platform in terracotta make these ovens more suitable for a comfortable and welcoming environment.
If the dimensions are reduced, the same cannot be said for the performances, which remain unchanged thanks to the perfect insulation, which reduces consumption to a minimum and guarantees safety and speed of use.
Being built in materials highly resistant to thermal shock, the Ceky ovens can be easily positioned both indoors and outdoors. It is sufficient that they are positioned under a cover to avoid rain infiltration.
Our ovens are not only the best tool for preparing real traditional pizza, but they are excellent for any type of cooking. You can cook roasts, grills and are perfect for bread.
Suffice it to say that once turned off in the evening, emptied of the ashes and closed using the included door, the following morning the internal temperature will be maintained at around 200 degrees; it will therefore be possible to bake bread without even having to turn them on!
BellaVilla is delivered already assembled and ready to be positioned. No bricklaying or assembly work is required and on-site assembly can also be arranged by our technicians. The oven is complete with stand, external structure, thermometer and closing door. Many models are always available in our showroom.

Principali Caratteristiche

  • Oven complete in all its parts pre-assembled or assembled on site by our technicians

  • A semi-professional oven that guarantees the same result obtained in a pizzeria

  • Structure entirely handmade in refractory bricks by our craftsmen

  • The first choice materials and insulation allow the oven to maintain heat for up to 2 days after turning it off

  • Suitable for installations both indoors and outdoors

  • Available in 3 sizes for any need: 80, 100 and 120cm internal diameter
Available finishes

Bringing your professional pizza oven to life is not just about impeccable culinary preparation, but also about the art of creating a complete sensory experience. The first step to realize this experience is the choice of covering, a fundamental element that defines the aesthetics and atmosphere of your place.

Miniatura Finitura No finishes
Miniatura Finitura 10x10 Tiles
Miniatura Finitura Various colors
Palladiana in marble
Miniatura Finitura Various colors
Glass mosaic
Miniatura Finitura Various colors
Exposed brick
Miniatura Finitura Various colors
Metal leaf
Our domestic ovens

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Other types of oven

Ceky offers you the opportunity to choose from a range of ideal solutions or create your oven entirely made-to-measure in accordance with the type of fuel you prefer, the internal capacity, the external shape or the covering, to satisfy all furnishing requirements.

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