Pizza ovens with rotating surface

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Pizza ovens with rotating surface

2 models, 12 combinations, infinite solutions. Ceky has created two models of professional pizza oven with rotating surfaces: Tuttotondo and Cupola, which respond to the various demands of pizzerias and restaurants. Rotating-surface ovens have revolutionised the pizza-making trade, and more. With this new technology, pizza cooking is managed directly by the oven, which, with its rotary movement, distributes the heat evenly to all areas, effectively eliminating a fixed heat source. Explore the two Ceky models and find the perfect oven for you.

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Ceky offers you the opportunity to choose from a range of ideal solutions or create your oven entirely made-to-measure in accordance with the type of fuel you prefer, the internal capacity, the external shape or the covering, to satisfy all furnishing requirements.

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