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Professional ovens

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Professional Pizza Ovens

Since 1935 Forni Ceky has been producing professional pizza ovens handcrafted from high quality refractory bricks. The refractory material, although expensive and difficult to work with, guarantees the achievement and maintenance of the temperature ensuring cooking continuity in any condition of use, a fundamental aspect when talking about a pizzeria oven. Thanks to our decades of experience we can build the right oven for your needs. Each of our refractory stone pizza ovens is made entirely by hand by skilled, qualified craftsmen. Our attention to detail guarantees a true masterpiece of Italian production.
Ceky creates different types of ovens (wood, gas, hybrid and electric) in order to meet different needs. In fact, each type of oven has its own characteristics and strengths. Our continuous search for the best materials has allowed us to achieve the highest quality standards in the production of professional pizza ovens.
The quality of our electric, gas or wood ovens is guaranteed by our customers, who have tested them and were satisfied. Hybrid ovens then combine the charm of the wood-fired oven with the practicality of the professional gas pizza oven. By inserting a gas burner into a wood-fired oven, the oven can also be powered by gas: you can choose the type of fuel if necessary. Furthermore, each oven complies with all national and international quality and safety standards. In addition to the performance aspect, Ceky ovens also focus on their aesthetic side. Externally they can be covered with stone, bricks, ceramics and mosaics to make the ovens real furnishing accessories. Ceky thus creates professional ovens suitable for use in clubs, pizzerias or restaurants but also ideal for domestic use. In both cases it will be possible to create quality dough thanks to excellent cooking.

The best pizza ovens

The oven for a pizzeria or restaurant is the most important tool for a professional in the sector such as a pizza chef. It is thanks to the oven that you cook a quality product and make yourself recognized by your customers.
For this reason, the choice of the oven for the pizzeria is a delicate and important moment.
Only a quality pizzeria oven allows you to obtain an exceptional result: an investment that will however bear fruit.
When you choose a quality pizzeria oven, the product will also be positively affected.
Many times it is thought that the wood-fired oven has the supremacy in terms of quality of the baked product, when in reality it is not the type of fuel that determines its success.
It is important that the pizza oven is professional.
We at Ceky guarantee our customers a 100% made in Italy service, using heat-insulating products, available in various shapes and sizes - from the hob to the cooking chamber - and achievable tailor-made, with personalized delivery solutions.
Ceky creates not only professional wood-fired ovens, but also gas, electric and hybrid ovens.

Why choose a Ceky oven?

Choosing a quality pizza oven is an investment that always pays off; good cooking improves the crust and makes customers happy.
Furthermore, you can personalise your oven with external decoration.
This lets you create a pizza oven that matches the style of your establishment.
Clients can complete the oven with any type of material, which will be directly in contact with the iron walls without dispersion or damage.
Explore the various types of oven for better-cooked pizzas, with either fixed or rotating cooking surfaces, electric pizza ovens or wood-burning ovens for the home or restaurants. A wide range of options to find the right professional pizza oven for you.
Each pizza oven has its own specific characteristics, which influence results; the most important thing is choose yours with care and attention.
On the basis of the most important aspects for each pizzeria, it is possible to choose the best oven.
Remember, however, that the oven should also be chosen in accordance with the requirements of the establishment, both in terms of space and of personnel, in addition to the budget.

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