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Electric oven

With its innovative technology, the Ceky electric oven is the ideal solution for those looking for excellent cooking results. Made with quality materials, the oven is fitted with exclusive technology that allows excellent heat management, guaranteeing perfectly cooked pizzas. If you want to purchase an electric professional pizza oven, explore the range of Ceky pizzeria ovens and contact us for a quotation.

Why choose a Ceky professional electric pizza oven:

If you are looking for a professional electric pizza oven for your pizzeria, the Ceky electric oven will surprise you. Many people think that electric pizza ovens are simply a compromise, but here at Ceky, we are committed to offering the best possible quality.
Versatility: An electric pizza oven is a versatile solution for pizzerias, whether you are limited by regulations or you need to cook products that are not suited to a traditional oven. It is even an ideal choice in Italy, where there is a strong tradition of wood-burning ovens.
High-level performance: Our professional electric ovens are designed to simulate the type of cooking offered by a wood-burning oven, guaranteeing exceptional results. They are suitable for the best pizzerias and offer high temperatures and perfect heat management for quality doughs.
Precise control: Ceky pizza ovens are precision instruments that allow the temperature and cooking time to be controlled, guaranteeing a perfectly cooked and tasty pizza every time.
Optimised consumption: We take into account energy consumption, guaranteeing efficiency without compromising performance.
Even cooking: Thanks to the innovative technology and the high-quality materials used for construction, our electric pizza oven guarantees even cooking, just like a wood-burning oven.
Suitable for extreme cooking: The oven is also suited to the most extreme types of cooking, offering flexibility in the preparation of a diverse range of pizzas.
By choosing a professional Ceky electric oven, you are investing in a piece of equipment that combines tradition and innovation, guaranteeing the best performance for your pizzeria. Do not underestimate the possibilities offered by our Elettrico oven, a modern and high-quality solution for your cooking requirements.

High quality with the best technology

In the world of traditional electric ovens, the structure allows for heat, generated by heating elements, to rapidly move through the thin cooking surface, directly heating the pizza. This, however, is not the approach that Ceky takes.
Our professional electric ovens have been designed with a structure that closely resembles that of a wood-burning oven, resembling a “large thermal basin”. This unique design allows the oven to gradually release the heat previously accumulated.
Elettrico has been designed to simulate the uneven diffusion of heat that is typical of classic wood-burning ovens. Here, the energy is generated by a flame inside the cooking chamber and then reflected onto the cooking surface, which conserves it and gradually releases it.
The heating elements in our electric oven follow the same principle of traditional ovens, but with more control. This has been made possible through adjustable impulses, which allow for even more precise management of heat-emission intensity ranges. It is a common belief that electric ovens cannot produce the same results as a wood-burning oven when preparing authentic Italian pizza. However, Ceky has challenged this stereotype, studying and creating electric ovens that are able to guarantee performance in line with that of a wood-burning oven.
If you want to offer high-quality pizza in your pizzeria, our professional electric oven is the ideal solution. Join us in revolutionising pizza cooking, and experience perfect cooking results with the best professional electric oven on the market.

Other types of oven

Ceky offers you the opportunity to choose from a range of ideal solutions or create your oven entirely made-to-measure in accordance with the type of fuel you prefer, the internal capacity, the external shape or the covering, to satisfy all furnishing requirements.

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