Domestic Ovens

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Professional pizza ovens for the home

Ceky domestic pizza ovens use the same top-quality materials that are found in Ceky ovens used in pizzerias, and they share the same characteristics, but they have been designed to be compact, making them ideal for installation in small spaces.

Their resistance to variations in temperature is one of their characteristics, allowing them to be safely installed either indoors or outdoors. The only essential requirement is that they are located in a covered space, in order to make sure they are effectively protected from the elements.

These ovens are much more than simple instruments for preparing traditional pizzas. Thanks to their versatility, they can handle a wide range of recipes, including roast meats, grilled foods and bread, constantly satisfying expectations.

Domestic ovens for all requirements

Ceky makes two types of domestic oven; one is a top-of-the-range oven, which comes ready assembled, complete with stand, external structure, thermometer and doors, while the other comes in kit form, and can be easily assembled, even indoors.

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