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  • Do it yourself kit – Completely Handmade in refractory bricks

    Talento product line was born to fulfill the necessity or the pleasure of building the oven by the final customer himself. In those cases when fitting an already built oven inside a house is impossible this DIY kit is what might do the job. Talento models share their structures and cooking capabilities with our BellaVilla oven, they just come disassembled. Unlike BellaVilla though, Talento does not include the metal casing parts and metal stand, therefore allowing the final customer to completely customize the stand and the external shape and finishing of the oven. We will provide Talento along with all necessary insulating and assembly materials for an easier building process.
    Being completely hand made in firebricks, once assembled, Talento will give you the best possible cooking results. Once it reaches the desired temperature (average of 2.5 hours pre-heating needed) the thick refractory will prevent any heat leaking, allowing the oven to stay hot for days! Get ready to bake pizza or grill in the evening (340°C), bake bread next morning (220°C) and bake your cakes in the following afternoon without ever having to add more wood in the oven. The incredible thermal mass of the oven will take care of storing the heat inside the cooking chamber and allow you to cook for days without having to light any wood again. The solid structure is the same we use for our professional ovens, making them nearly everlasting in a domestic environment.

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    Main features
    • Do it yourself kit includes all the insulants and assembly materials for easy and quick building
    • Same features and cooking results of a professional hand-made pizza oven
    • Completely Handmade, firebrick structure
    • Available in 3 different sizes: 80, 100 and 120cm internal chambers

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