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    The only rotating oven entirely made in firebricks

    Handmade construction for cooking floor and dome, brick after brick.

    No more interruptions while cooking

    Digital management of cooking programmes. ceky smart chef synchronises the temperature, cooking times and cooking floor rotation speed/direction.

    Professional Rotating Oven main features:

    • A handy remote control enables the oven functions to be controlled remotely..
    • Digital control panel with touch screen and capacitive function. precise and robust.
    • The software can easily be updated in a few minutes and with no additional costs using a usb pen drive
    • The gas burner heat up the dome. the independent electrical resistance maintain the rotating cooking floor with the right temperature
    Il Rotante: The only rotating oven entirely made in firebricks

    NO MORE INTERRUPTIONS WHILE COOKING: Thanks to the combined operation of the oven’s gas burner and of the independent electrical resistance the oven guarantees constant operation and always the perfect temperature.

    TECHNOLOGICAL, AND NOW ALSO SMART: digital management of cooking programmes. ceky smart chef synchronises the temperature, cooking times and cooking floor rotation speed/direction

    Why firebricks?

    it has been 80 years since our ovens have been built by our expert artisans, using best quality italian firebricks. our material choice does not only come from a strong bond with our own business and production heritage though: it is the result of meticulous scientific analysis. our ovens are cyclically tested collecting data to verify heat absorption and distribution inside the chamber. while engineering our rotating cooking deck our aim was clear: giving our customers uniform and steady temperatures for the whole cooking process. thanks to the firebrick thickness and quality we did it, managing to eliminate one of the biggest flaws in rotating ovens’ technology. our deck won’t need to rise or force you to wait between every batch, because it will be its very structure to guarantee you a steady and continuous baking.

    Ceky gas burner

    The rotating oven is equipped with a professional burner for Ceky ovens. It will allow you to offer your customers the results of traditional wood-fired cooking with a clean, precise, economical and safe feeding system.

    Why choose the gas burner in a wood oven?

    • No more costs and problems of wood storage
    • Stop the soot
    • Simple and fast management
    • Consumption and reduced costs
    • Reduced dimensions and more space for your pizzas
    • It does not require special permits and permits from firefighters
    • Minimum annual maintenance of the flue, which can be carried out by any plumber.


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