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  • l’Elettrico

    Electric pizza oven

    Different power supply, same result. For Ceky, pizza baking does not allow compromises.

    Usually electric ovens are seen as a compromise on pizza preparation: an efficient way of cooking that is nonetheless different from a traditional wood burning baking.

    There can be many reasons to choose an electric oven: not having access to an appropriate flue, local regulations or a particular baking process may force the restaurant to install an electric oven, which may appear like a compromise. A compromise that cannot exist for someone that aspire to excellence.

    So we engineered our Elettrico with a clear goal: realizing an electric oven that grants results and performances as close as possible to a traditional wood burning oven.

    Ceky: one of the best Italian electric pizza oven manufacturers

    A change of pace for the electric Electric oven’s revolution is built upon traditional wood burning experience.

    The structure of a common electric oven is engineered to allow the heat to pass through the baking floor very quickly in order to directly heat the pizza. Our structure instead is very similar to our wood burning products, with a great heat storage in the deck, that is up to 4 times thicker than a common deck used in electric ovens.

    The Elettrico effectively mimics the asymmetric heat diffusion of a wood burning oven, where the energy is created by a burning flame inside the cooking chamber and then reflected on the deck, where it is stored and gradually released on every pizza. Our sheathed elements work in the same way, therefore granting an extra degree of control, allowing an effective way of controlling both deck and ceiling temperature with our exclusive impulse technology.

    forno elettrico professionale per pizza


    New impulse controlled elements: redefining the elements’ role.

    The elements included in our Elettrico are managed by an exclusive technology that allows to develop maximum power, pushing efficiency to its limits.

    Our elements are made in a special alloy that can reach higher temperatures, developing an extra infrared power. Once the maximum surface temperature is reached, the elements can keep it as long as it’s needed, without any extra cost, exploiting the adjustable impulse technology.

    This technology allows the user to determine the on/off intervals in a very short time span, allowing the element to be incandescent for the whole time, continuously producing the infrared heating component. This process is allowed by the solid state switches that control every element and is not possible in a traditional electric oven, where the mechanical contactors would easily break .

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