Handmade pizza ovens

Completely handmade in firebricks

The professional oven Made in Italy Available throughout the United Kingdom

For almost one hundred years, we have represented Italian excellence in the production of handcrafted professional pizza ovens. We are present in UK to offer our high-quality products, tailor-made design and highly qualified installation and maintenance services.

Handmade Made of refract

Made in Italy Seal of quality

Service Customer care

The electric oven, as an alternative

Our electric oven delivers results and performances as close as possible to a traditional wood-burning oven, taking advantage of some specific benefits this technology offers, such as lower energy consumption and custom-designed solutions.

Ceky ovens have been producing professional pizza ovens since 1935
Shipping finished products

our preassembled products, without assembly costs.
Ceky ovens can be delivered preassembled and ready to be installed. No external interventions are necessary, and the preinstalled exhaust output of the oven is ready to be connected to the chimney.
This is the ideal solution for those who have a sufficiently wide passageway to allow moving the preassembled oven and would like to save on the costs for technicians.
 Gas models are fitted with the preassembled gas system components that facilitates the work of the plumber connecting the burner to the gas supply.

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