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Installed directly onsite

Install wherever you want, without worries
ll of our ovens, regardless of their size, can be conveniently installed onsite.
The modular structure of the ovens allows our technicians to assemble the them onsite, transporting the oven divided into modular sections to the site, which are then assembled in only one morning.
It is sufficient to connect the chimney to the preassembled exhaust output (standard – feminine tube Ø 20 cm, modifiable based on specific requirements) so that your new oven can be used right away.

Shipping finished products

Your preassembled products, without assembly costs.
Ceky ovens can be delivered preassembled and ready to be installed. No external interventions are necessary, and the preinstalled exhaust output of the oven is ready to be connected to the chimney.
The oven is delivered in a single block, including the disassembled stand to reduce the size of the materials and transport costs. Once at its final destination, assemble the provided stand, position the oven and moving the oven will be extremely easy through the use of a common manual transpallet.
This is the ideal solution for those who have a sufficiently wide passageway to allow moving the preassembled oven and would like to save on the costs for technicians.
The preassembled gas models are fitted with convenient casings containing the preassembled gas system components.
This solution guarantees that the burner will not be damaged during transport and facilitates the work of the plumber connecting the burner to the gas supply.

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