From wood to gas

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Transform your old oven with the Ceky gas burner

And give it a new life using our ceky burner

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Some of the advantages of the oven
with gas burner compared to the traditional wood-fired oven
Save on consumptions and cut your managing costs

Our multi-level valve can control the burner easily and efficiently, avoiding any wasting any gas and managing the temperature or flame just like you need it.

No more soot

Both oven and extraction will always be clean, without any extra maintenance cost during the whole oven’s life.

No more wood storage inside your restaurant

Dirt, humidity and insects will belong to the past.

More room for your pizzas

Freeing up the space once occupied by burning wood and ashes your oven will cook up to 2 more pizzas per batch. Exploiting its semi-circular shape our burner follows your oven’s perimeter, granting an even flame for the best heat distribution inside your oven.

Great vision

We include a HT lamp with every system, so you can benefit from a perfect combustion while enjoying a warm light inside the oven

Installing the burner is simple

It can be installed in any* oven, up to 150 cm internal diameter. Always check that your oven can be upgraded with a gas burner by contacting our customer care service.


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The strong points of the gas oven
Easy to use

With a small display you can control your oven’s performances and status any time. You will be able to control both temperature or flame height according to your working style. You can modify any flame level according to your specific needs.

Two way to use it

You can decide whether you want to control a set temperature or define flame levels. Automatic and manual mode can be switched any time.


Our burners can develop a thermal power up to 28.5 kW, similar to 6 wood logs burning at the same time inside your oven. Reach and manage high temperature with ease and speed.

Easy to install

Our burners can be installed in ovens with an internal diameter of 150cm and smaller. They can work with natural, LPG and propane gas and can be easily installed by any qualified plumber.

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