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Q. Why should I choose a firebrick oven over a refractory concrete one? Icona + Icona -
A. A completely handmade oven, built in firebricks offers many advantages: in performance and durability. Refractory bricks, which are baked at 1.200C° in a furnace, are composed by a high alumina percentage, which prevents any thermal expansion, avoiding cracks and damages to the oven structure. Being created at such a high temperature, all the components of the brick fuse themselves in a different way compared to concrete, which is a raw material that needs to be baked by the user once the oven is installed. The most important feature of the brick is its ability to store a large amount of heat inside itself, releasing it in a very steady way during the whole baking process. This prevents any heat peak either positive (usually concrete ovens tend to burn 1st batches due to high temperature deck) or negative (after some batches concrete ovens lose deck temperature much faster, resulting in unwanted baking results, like raw pizza bottom). Considering that the whole oven is made in firebricks, both the dome and the chamber will benefit from its features, granting a steady even cooking for every batch for the whole cooking process. No interruption during baking will be needed, unlike concrete ovens, that require some rest between batches, to avoid the deck to become too low in temperature. A firebrick oven will grant better efficiency and performance during your work.
Q. Is the oven handmade? Icona + Icona -
A. Yes, all our oven are still handmade by our artisans. Domes and decks are built brick by brick, according to a strict production plan that grants total quality to the final product. Ovens, once completed in our factory, are then split in different parts, allowing a quick and easy on-site assembly. In this way we can deliver a completely handmade product that requires a really short building time.
Q. Can I customize my oven? Icona + Icona -
A. Yes, every oven is built upon our customer’s requests. According to every model’s structural limitations, we can modify the structure, height, opening dimensions and most of the oven’s details to fit your oven to your needs.
Q. Is the oven hot on the external surface? What kind of finishing can I apply? Icona + Icona -
A. Every oven is perfectly insulated, therefore the heat developed inside the oven is completely stored inside the chamber, avoiding any leak to the external surface. The oven will be always cold outside, granting that the power developed by the oven is actually used in the most efficient way to keep the oven hot. Any common non HT finishing can be applied to the external surface according to the instruction manual’s specs. An oven that’s cold on the outside is the most efficient one
Q. What temperature can your ovens reach? Icona + Icona -
A. Considering our top quality structure and insulation, our wood and gas working ovens can easily reach 550°C. They can be used for any type of cooking, even the most intense.
Q. Is it better using a stationary or a rotating deck oven? Icona + Icona -
A. The best one is the one that fits your needs! A rotating deck oven can be an invaluable help in your pizzeria: in many cases it can replace a pizzaiolo in front of the oven, because it takes care of the baking without any need of supervision. It speeds up the baking process and makes it autonomous, optimizing your work. You can contact us for any advice about the best oven for your pizzeria.
Q. Will you install it in my restaurant? Will it fit thorough my normal door? Icona + Icona -
A. The best way to ship our ovens abroad is to send them already assembled. You will receive your oven already assembled and finished according to your order, and there will be no need of any ceky technicians to travel to the final destination. You will just need to download and position the oven, link it to the gas and electrical supply (when needed) and link it to the chimney for it to be ready to work. Wherever the on-site installation is needed, due for example to a small entrance doorway, we can organize it and we can take care of the assembly in the restaurant. The oven will be shipped divided in smaller parts, that can fit thorough a standard 80cm door. Our factory is located in Brescia (North Italy), so according to your needs we can arrange the transfer of our team of technicians to come and assemble on-site when the standard delivery is not possible.
Q. Can I move the oven once it has been positioned and installed? Icona + Icona -
A. All our ovens are placed on a metal stand by default, so they can be easily moved, even after they have been assembled on-site. They are equipped with metal beams on the lower part of the stand, in order to allow easy lifting and moving using a common transpallet or forklift. The oven can also be disassembled and reassembled in the new location (we recommend contacting authorized ceky technician for the job).
Q. Is a flue or an extractor hood necessary to install your oven? Can you install it? Icona + Icona -
A. It is usually necessary to have a flue or an extractor installed in order to work with a flame (wood or gas flame have usually different regulations) in a restaurant, but you have to check and comply with your local regulation and laws. Our ovens can work both with mechanical (extractor) or natural (flue) draft, the only limitation is given by the local laws regarding extraction systems and connections. We cannot provide special support for installation or engineering of your extraction system, but we can give you all the details about how to have the best performance from your installation.
Q. What’s the size of your flue connection? Icona + Icona -
A. Generally we use a 20cm diameter female pipe as our standard exhaust. Please check every model’s spec sheet in order to be sure the diameter is correct. Always consider asking your local thermotechnical to calculate the required extraction system diameter in order to comply to local laws and our system requirements.
Q. My extraction system is smaller than 20cm, can I install the oven? Icona + Icona -
A. We always suggest to use a suitable size when connecting the oven to the extraction. You can ask your local thermotechnical if your system can grant the correct extraction volume even if the pipe size is smaller.
Q. Can I use my kitchen’s hood? Can your ovens be installed under a hood? Icona + Icona -
A. Yes, you can technically use your kitchen’s hood if you are installing a gas burning oven. All our gas burning ovens can work with mechanical extraction or under a hood without any problem. Always check that the requested installation complies with your local laws regarding extraction and combustion safety.
Q. I have an existing wood working oven, can I switch it to work with gas? Icona + Icona -
A. Yes. Installing our ceky gas burner you can switch your old oven and give it new life making it work with gas. Check our burner’s page for further information, or contact us
Q. Can a gas burner solve my soot problem? Icona + Icona -
A. Sure. Installing a gas burner you can forget about using wood in your oven and switch to a cleaner combustion. Using gas you will have no solid residue and completely eliminate all soot production.
Q. Is it better installing a gas burner or a soot abatement system? Icona + Icona -
A. They are both great solutions for your soot problem. A gas burner though, aside from solving your soot problem, can grant you many more benefits. A smoke cleaner system will allow you to keep working with wood, if that’s what you wish, clean any soot and cooling down all the smokes.
Q. Will gas burning change the taste of my pizza? Icona + Icona -
A. Baking a pizza in a traditional oven will give very similar results, both in a gas and a wood burning oven. Both ovens work with a burning flame inside the baking chamber therefore delivering a very similar result. Your pizza will taste the same and your customers will not notice any difference. Care trying the gas burning system? Contact us for any further information.
Q. What is the correct gas connection for a gas burning oven? Icona + Icona -
A. According to your region and required certification, gas connection and pressures may vary. Always check the spec sheet for every oven, or contact us and we will give you all the requested information.
Q. Can I burn wood inside a gas burning oven? Icona + Icona -
A. All our static deck oven can burn wood inside the chamber even if equipped with a gas burner. You can position the wood on the opposite side of where the burner is installed and work with your favorite one. It is not necessary to add wood in any gas burning oven as our burners are powerful enough to heat the oven without any need of further help. If you wish to add wood for any reason though, you can do it whenever you please. Always remember to check your local regulation and laws regarding extraction systems to verify that a mix combustion is allowed. Also, if you plan to work with wood along with gas, the extraction system might need to be detached from the kitchen one which might not be engineered to carry soot and solid residues. For all our rotating ovens though, gas burning ovens will only be able to work with gas. If you plan to be working with wood any time, consider purchasing the Rotating MX models, that can burn both gas and wood.
Q. Do I need an electrical connection? Icona + Icona -
A. Yes, all our gas burning ovens need to be connected to a power supply in order to properly work. An electrical connection is required to allow the burner to work in safety. In case of an electric shortage the oven will not work. Check each ovens’ spec sheet for further details about rating and power requirements.
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