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Forget the revision of your gas installation. We will take care of everything!

With a new Ceky service contract we will make sure to remind you of the recommended annual maintenance of a gas burning device.

We will organize a visit by our technician who will keep your gas burning device always in shape, by performing a specific, careful and complete check-up.
Air adjustment and cleaning of the system will enable your oven to always work with maximum efficiency, as it did on the first day, guaranteeing savings in consumption and avoiding waste.
Proper maintenance helps you to avoid problems due to wear of the installations by eliminating the costs due to malfunction and failures caused by time. A regularly checked installation doesn’t carry the risk of being damaged suddenly and to you it guarantees perfect operation without risk of shut-downs or interruptions of service.

Immediate savings!

Organizing scheduled maintenance is now much simpler and cheaper. Regular monitoring makes you save both on the costs of interventions and on the potential losses due to the failures or your installation. The cover cost is far less than the price of even one emergency intervention and does not include any additional costs outside of what is defined in the contract activation.
Serenity at 360 degrees! Each intervention entitles you to a warranty extension until the next one. In the event of a sudden failure, we intervene to restore the system in a very short time.

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