Domestic Ovens – Semi-professional

Domestic model

The real pizza oven for your home

Our smaller ovens are the best suited for a domestic use or for smaller businesses, like a pub or bakeries with a minimum pizza production.

Built using the same materials and techniques used for professional pizza ovens, our semi-professional ovens have their very same features. Their smaller sizes though make them perfect for even smaller rooms.

Finishings are more delicate: frontal vault and exit floor made in “cotto” make these ovens more elegant and perfect for any house.
Domestic ovens are reduced just in size, but not in performance. A perfect insulation grants lowest consumption and a swift and easy usage.

Being built using the best refractory materials semiprofessional ovens are extremely resistant to temperature changes, allowing them to be installed inside or outside.

Our ovens are the best way to cook your traditional pizzas, but they are excellent tools for preparing any kind of baked food. It is possible to cook a perfect roast meat, mixed grills and bread of course.

To understand the semi-professional oven’s performances it is enough to think that once it is turned off after working at night, the internal temperature will remain stable inside the cooking chamber. The following day the temperature will be at least 200C°, allowing you to cook bread without any need of additional firewood.

The oven will be supplied along with its iron stand, thermometer and nightdoor. Also all the customized external finishing are available for the final effect most suited to your needs.

Available measures

Specifiche bocca

Cooking floor height 120 cm
Total height 185 cm
Internal chamber height 40/46 cm