Exterior sides


Our standard oven is delivered with black iron sides without exterior decoration, letting the end client complement the oven with any type of material.
The oven is already completely insulated, and coverings can be installed in direct contact with the iron oven sides without causing heat dispersion or damage.
We have a wide range of coverings to create the right solution for any situation.

Classical coverings


TenbyTen Tiles

These unique tiles were inspired by the ancient cobbly pavements  and inherit their elegance thorough a natural finishing that exhalt their classical look.

Ceramics have five different colours, perfectly fitting any environment thanks to their brightness and ease in upkeeping.

Handcut Brick – Red

A completely handmade brick, still realized using the most modern techniques.

Creative, vivid, unmistakable. A colour with a lot of personality, seal of tradition and art that molded castles, fortresses and churchs.

Tone that characterized entire cities, qualifying powerful volumes and daring shades.

Handcut Brick – Yellow

Lively, discreet, unusual. Its charming tones, “hot and natural”, allow to merge even bigger structures with the surroinding environment; exhalting them without making them heavier and marking volumes in sharp lights.

Gioiello serie


Golden, copper or silver leaves

Applied directly by hand to the external surface: an ancient handmade technique that barely got modified thorough the years.

It grants great impression and satisfaction.

The perfect finishing for round models, ideal for anyone willing to embellish or giving an unique touch to its club.

“Cotto di Vietri”

Handmade glazed and decored ceramics.

Glass mosaic

Glass composition featuring different colours and combinations.

Unique chromatic effects making the oven a precious furniture.

Painted Bricks

Realized with real handcut bricks that are afterwards painted by customer’s request to give your club a really strong character.

Available in infinite variations they can be adapted to any existing furniture.

Design serie


Wenge and stainless steel

combining tropical wood to stainless steel grants a unique effect.

In a perfect minimal style, our design model proposes to counter all the unnecessary corners and edges thereby reducing the oven to its linear essence.


Completely hand-painted finishing.

The enameling is applied according to a customized drawing; inspired by cocoa leaves its colour combinations can be varied to fit any environment.