Forni Ceky – Wood and gas burning pizza ovens

Wood burning, gas and combined ovens, and that’s not all…

Forni Ceky is the leading Italian manufacturers of handcrafted professional wood burning ovens for baking pizzas. Following centuries old craftsman building traditions handed down in our laboratories for more than three generations, today the company still creates its products entirely by hand: brick by brick.

Forni Ceky Forni Ceky
As opposed to the products offered by most companies in the market, the cooking chambers of our ovens, the crowning achievement of our production line, are entirely built in refractory bricks. This traditional manual technique requires long, meticulous labor and ensures duration over the passage of time, as well as unmatchable heat retention.
Forni Ceky is also a leading company in development and innovation: with the first original design for the gas burner, the company revolutionized pizza baking methods. The gas burner guarantees identical results to those of a traditional wood burning oven, and the burner provides manifold advantages that render oven handling simple, economical and safe.
Forni Ceky
Forni Ceky
Forni Ceky also constructs complete pizzeria systems. The formula pizza concept is perfect for anyone who is looking to create a trendy restaurant or add a pizza corner within an existing restaurant. Our company designs and creates areas with refined taste that can adapt to all types of environments in combination with 360° consulting services for accessories and equipment. From the design to the final installation, our company accompanies the client step by step when choosing the most appropriate solutions for their needs.
Our innovation is not limited to structural elements, but also extends to product design: dynamic, modern, rustic or traditional, our coverings are able to satisfy any and all types of demands, adapting naturally to the surrounding environment. The gioiello and design lines, the top of our production range, are the most concrete expressions of our company philosophy, which is always on the look out for new trends in the market.
Our experience has been consolidated over time, permitting our company to design and install high level ovens and systems in full compliance with environmental standards, with careful attention to energy savings and productive efficiency. Our systems are created based on specifications provided by the client, including insertion into pre-existing structures or brand new projects for indoor areas with supply of accessories and other furnishings.