Ceky burner


Ceky Burner

Clean, economical and safe

Forni Ceky has revolutionized oven cooking with its original burner design, which has become an irreplaceable part of any pizzeria.

The combination of wood burning oven results with the possibility to program the temperature like an electric oven is a real innovation. The open flame is still maintained inside of the cooking chamber, but it can now be easily and immediately adjusted.

The atmospheric burner (which does not require noisy fans) has a thermal capacity of 24,000 Kcal, guaranteeing even cooking and extreme ease of use.

The tapered, crescent shape conforms perfectly to the oven circumference, and occupies only a small amount of space. The burner can be positioned directly on the cooking surface on either the left or right side. Installation does not require inspection by the fire department.

Consumi bruciatore Ceky

1,5 m3 of methane gas per hour

1,2 Kg of liquid propane gas per hour

Equal to 0.70 Euro per hour

The advantages

Energy savings0.70 Euro per hour. The burner limits consumption to actual use time as opposed to wood burning. The oven temperature does not need to be constantly maintained. It is sufficient to increase the flame at the moment of use.

More space for pizzas – removing the bulk of the wood means that the same oven can hold as many as 3 more pizzas.

Cleaning the oven and the chimney – no more soot! The burner does not make your workspace dirty.

Better hygiene – with the elimination of wood and all of the problems that come with storing wood (wet wood, insects, space).

Simplicity of use – the temperature can be adjusted simply and quickly thanks to the knob with adjustment level markings.

Quicker results – thanks to the possibility to reach the desired temperature in only a few moments.

The possibility to adjust the temperature means that the perfect cooking temperature can be obtained without the need to constantly adjust the wood flames, making the pizza chef’s work quicker and even allowing less experienced pizza chefs to obtain optimum results.

The burner is EU certified and complies with all international quality and safety standards. It completely eliminates soot emission, quickly and economically resolving problems linked with new EU standards and ensuring improved hygiene. The burner drastically decreases the need for chimney maintenance and eliminates wood storage problems (humidity, insects, impossible weight control, etc.).

The burner requires only minimum maintenance (as is true for all gas appliances) to be performed annually by a plumber.

It does not require ventilation or connections to the electrical system since it functions completely autonomously. The burner can function with any gas mixture, and in case of subsequent change in the gas supply, it will still remain perfectly functional (with possible replacement of the nozzle).

The burner reaches the desired temperature quickly and maintaining the oven warm is simple. Consumption is significantly reduced: 1.5 m³ of methane gas or 1.2 Kg of liquid propane gas per hour: about € 0.70 per hour!

The burner makes it possible to consume energy only when necessary: if not programmed otherwise, the burner saves energy by lowering the flame, which can then be immediately increased to bring the oven to the desired temperature, preventing continuous energy consumption.

  Burner CB12
(ovens from 120cm to 130cm
of internal diam.)
Burner CB14
(ovens from 140cm to 160cm
of internal diam.
Total Nominal thermal power (kW) 27 28.5
Gas Connection ISO 7-1 3/4″ 3/4″
Category Il 2H3+ Il 2H3+
Factory setting Natural Gas G 20 Natural Gas G 20
Contruction Type B11 B11
Gas Connection Pressare (mbar) G 30/G 31 : 28-30 / 37 G20 G 30/G 31 : 28-30 / 37 G20
Total consuption of gas calculated with the net heat
value H1 at 15° and 1013 mba
G30 (Kg/h) 2.12 G20 (Kg/h) 2.86 G30 (Kg/h) 2.25 G20 (Kg/h) 3.05

Inlet pressare mbar
Max. thermal
Nozzle diameter Ø
Pilot Nozzle
diameter Ø
1/100 mm
Primary air
(distance H)
G20 20 27 400 40 10
G30 29 27 260 21 20

Inlet pressare mbar
Max. thermal
Nozze diameter Ø
Pilot Nozze
diameter Ø
Primary air
(distance H)
G20 20 28.5 420 40 10
G30 29 28.5 265 21 41